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So how does Carmelite prayer differ from other prayer?

Have you ever set out to drive somewhere, not quite knowing how to get there? Maybe you drove with maps on, until you found some comfort in familiar territory and could then sit back and enjoy the ride, losing yourself in the scenery. No, the Carmelites don't condone inattentive driving! But with prayer, there is a way to be attentive and yet inattentive at the same time. As Luke tells us:

But Mary kept all these words,

pondering them in her heart.

(Luke 2:19)

Who after all has lost themselves more in thoughts of Jesus and all the mysteries surrounding Him than Mary? How sublime are her thoughts, treasured by God alone. Unlike our driving, Our Lady knows how she got there and she is willing to share her insight.

All is gift but our yes is needed.

With thirty-three plus years of gazing upon Jesus in loving adoration, what better guide could there be to take us up Mount Carmel into the humble silence of our hearts, teaching us to truly know ourselves through the mysteries surrounding her Son? Together with Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the Carmelite saints, we travel more swiftly and securely up to Calvary, pondering the Word made Flesh.  Each day we relinquish more and more our selfish will and take on His selfless will, longing as Elijah, with all of Carmel, in patient perseverance for that gentle breeze of union with our Blessed Trinity!

Does this speak to your heart?  Come join us as a GUEST for a meeting or two, or read some TESTIMONIES of what Carmel has been for others. Here is a link for a PAMPHLET that speaks more on the gift of Carmelite Prayer.


Kick-start your prayer life with a weekend away in this meditation garden in Stanwood, WA at the


*ask a professional to join you in prayer

"The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective."

-James 5:16

*Have a MASS offered for the 

living or deceased 



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